Transcription Audio Files

Transcription of audio files is a way of writing of discussions (interviews, hearings, conferences, etc.), in which above all special phenomena of expression are taken into account, so that they can be considered systematically. Thus these records can be processed and evaluated properly especially in the scientific field, it requires clear transcription rules.

It is therefore important at a same request to distinguish whether a literal transcription or an annotated transcription is necessary because the effort is very different.

The difference is that in a literal transcription of every word spoken and every utterance or every note is written form.
For example, so, uh, eh, hmm, MHH, well …
Dialect is not rewritten in standard High German but so verschriftlicht, as understood and heard.

An annotated transcription expands the above-mentioned points with additional comments and information, for example, to pause, emphasis or linguistic specificities of each speaker (lisping, stuttering) with specified special characters.

Before transcription is tackled, is important to decide which form is needed. Even if, for example, dialect should be rewritten in standard, if at every turn-one time is to be made or not.
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